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When your customer has the world in the palm of their hand,

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How does it work?

It's simple - here are 3 steps to your Customer satisfaction:

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Without any modification in your business space:

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After receiving the BorrowBox plug it into mains power in your company office / customer service point and you can enjoy using it!

Low costs:

- the choice of out service is cheaper for you than your own purchase of power, chargers or other equipment


- all of our devices have a special, very important annotation about how to use our products

Advertise in a new way

Along with the kit you will receive signage Borrow.PL and Borrow.ZONE, which you can place at your company office, so your customers know that the service is available. You will receive new advertising opportunities for your business! Your location will be shown on the map Borrow.ZONE.


Your customers are looking for a way to charge mobile devices?

The solution is easy!


Choose the right solution for your business from Borrow.PL products list and install it within 30 seconds without any modifications!


Number of users, location, space or even lack of power points are not a problem!


Serving Borrow.PL to your customers in whatever way you choose. Raise your customer satisfaction with the universality of our service.














Medical points








Sports facilities

and spectacular

Different kind


Borrow.PL - B2B2C service. Your customers need to recharge their mobile devices? Take advantage of our services and give them this opportunity! 

For whom?


Whenever Your Customer spends on average more than 5 minutes at your location, while either using your services or waiting for them.

Borrow.PL - 3xYES

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BorrowBox 12 (black)

BorrowBox 10 (black)

BorrowBox 8 (black)

BorrowBox 12 (white)

BorrowBox 10 (white)

BorrowBox 8 (white)

powerbank czarny

powerbank biały

powerbank okrągły







Our Devices





  • output DC 5V/80W

  • size: 12cm x 12cm x 6cm; 

  • weight: 800g;

  • manual polish/english;

  • CE, RoHS, FCC certification;



  • BorrowCube does not require a permanent connection to the power

  • Easy to use and 100% mobile

  • Battery capacity form 23 000 to 40 000 mAh!

  • 4x outputs charging cables: 2x Micro USB, 1 x 8pin lightning, 1pcs  x USB Type-C.

  • 1 x output USB;

  • Possibility to charge inductive -  QI wireless standard;

  • Each unit comes with a safty lock






  • 8 outputs DC 5V/2,4A, 9V/2A, 12V/2A max

  • Size: 48cm x 32,5cm x 4cm, stand 122 cm

  • manual polish/english;

  • CE, RoHS, FCC certification;



  • Compact design, requiring no special installation conditions;

  • 8 outputs charging ports with configurable exit type - for 99% of current smartphone / tablet models;

  • Easy to use and mobile construction with "stand" solution;

  • Attractive appearance of the station enriched with additional light effects;

  • Unlimited possibility to design individual advertising space at the station

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It happend

01 March 2018
Wisła Kraków – kolejny stadion z usługą Borrow.PL!   Kibice i goście odwiedzający stadion w Krakowie nie muszą już obawiać się o baterie
29 January 2018
"Kawiarnia to po prostu kawa, ciasto i miękka kanapa? Dla nas to coś więcej. Pozwól nam się zaprezentować w nowej odsłonie. Pochłonięci
18 December 2017
Usługa Borrow.PL w hotelach Best Western. Dzięki współpracy z Satoria Group goście hoteli Best Western mogą skorzystać z niezwykle komfortowego systemu doładowań

 Chcesz się upewnić czy usługa Borrow.PL może zainteresować Twoich Klientów?

Wejdź na link Borrow - 3xTAK i sprawdź.



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  • Simple and intuitive to use,

  • 8-12 Individual Portable Power Bank Station Charger,

  • Lightweight and portable - without the need to connect with the station during its use in an unlimited range,

  • Back-lit LED Lighting for cool night effect,

  • Anti theft design, can only be charged in station,

  • Unlimited possibilities in terms of design individual advertising space station.



  • Powerbank "SLIM" type, out: 8pcs 4000mAh (iPhone 5/6) and micro USB.

  • Powerbank SLIM type gives you the ability to charge two devices at the same time;

  • Powerbank "ROUND" type, out: (iPhone 5/6), micro USB oraz USB Type-C 2600mAh;

  • Powerbank in: 5V/2A, out: 5V/1.5A;

  • AC/DC - adapter AC in: 12V/6.5A;

  • manual polish/english;

  • CE, RoHS, FCC certification;

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